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Here is where the clanspeople can only discuss Legacy of Kain fan projects, seek help from others in creating them and, as long as they are non-profit, advertise them.

Unlike Raziel, one does not possess free will. At least, not completely.
On top of 
Yuku's rules, under all circumstances and with no exceptions but the ones stated below, there will be:
  1. No uncivil and disrespectful discussions. One must be constructive when criticizing the opinions of others.
  2. No advertising, as this fangame must remain entirely non-commercial or Square Enix and other interested parties could shut it down, and spam. However, solely in this discussion forum can one advertise a fan project if it is completely non-profit as is Legacy of Kain: Dark Renaissance.
  3. No asking when an upcoming update will be out as well as lacking consideration in Jake's efforts in making this game and other fan material.
  4. No pornography or nudity.
  5. No gore or violence, except if related to the Legacy of Kain.
  6. No languages other than English employed on this discussion forum.
  7. No generally troublesome or inappropriate behavior.
  • These rules will not change without prior notice, be it via a new post and/or message to the entire community.
  • The scope of these rules is limited to the discussion forums themselves. Personal messages are not policed because doing so would be impractical and they are Yuku-wide. One can simply block an unpleasant user.
  • By joining these discussion forums as a member, one is presumed to have fully read, understood and agreed with, in their entirety, the aforementioned rules and undermentioned consequences related to rule infringment.
How to Report a Post
  • Should one, with reasonable grounds and in good faith, believe a post to not respect the aforementioned rules, it should be reported. The reporter's anonimity will be ensured and protected.
Once a Post Is Reported
  • If an administrator or moderator finds the post to be in violation of these rules, it will be edited or deleted and the user in question will be issued a warning.
  • If the user is issued three consecutive warnings within a month or less from each other, they will automatically be permanently banned. To post on the discussion forums once more, they must create a new account.
  • Creating a new account will not be possible if the user’s IP address is also banned after at least a single, highly severe violation. This is at a moderator or administrator’s discretion; however, an administrator can revise a moderator’s decision, by their own volition or at the banned user’s request, if it is unreasonable or acutely unjust.

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